Here are few inspirational stories & testimonials from our Students



Ginette practiced throughout her entire pregnancy, up to the day before she gave birth.  A true inspiration!


“When I found out that I was pregnant, my number one priority (like any expected mother) was  to keep my baby healthy in his early development. From my physical to my emotional and mental state, I have found yoga to be a key ingredient to my healthy pregnancy, which means a happy baby. Bikram (including express) and power yoga have been my classes of choice and I can’t speak highly enough as to how they have helped me through my journey. Improved sleep. Reduced stress. Reduced aches and pains. Increased energy. To name a few. I also found the practice as a great way to connect with my baby, as though it was “our” little thing. My tips for other expected mothers wanting to continue with yoga….so much of the advice to pregnant women is to take it easy, my tips  trust in the power and strength of your mind and body.  Pregnancy is a long journey, do what you have to do to embrace the physical and mental change ….and don’t be afraid to challenge yourself….your baby and body will tell you what is right. Trust that. Finally to the team at Bikram Ascot Vale, especially Jade, thank you for encouraging my practice, for keeping me and my baby healthy, happy and safe in our journey”.  Ginette


DENISE D (70 yo)

Denise is a fan of Bikram Yoga as it significantly helped in reducing her daily hip and knee pain.  So much so, that all pain actually went and she no longer has to have surgery.


Student Profile Q&A

Favourite class: Bikram 60 or 90 min

# Question Response
1. What made you decide to try Bikram yoga? My Daughter Nicola loves coming to Bikram and kept on encouraging me to give it a go. I’d had a hip replacement some 7 months earlier, a dislocated shoulder and a dodgy knee.  The hip was doing fine but the knee and shoulder were taking forever to mend…  I was 1 week away from surgery and I decided to give Bikram a try.
2 What benefits have you noticed since starting Bikram Yoga? I’m in my late 60’s and have a bit of arthritis plus osteoarthritis in my back.  When I started I struggled with a few of the postures, particularly on the floor due to my bad knees, so the teachers gave me special modifications to help. Sitting ‘Japanese Style’… no chance!  I continued with the postures, seeing huge improvements in my balance, flexibility, strength and most importantly no more pain.  I feel my spine is a lot more supple, my shoulder is getting stronger and the knee able to bend much more, not to mention benefits to the new hip.  The improvements were so good that I no longer need the knee surgery.  Within a few short months (only coming once a week) I was doing all the postures the same as everyone else.  My skin feels a lot smoother and not so dry. I never used to perspire a lot in the heat but now my body seems to be able to sweat more and expel those toxins!
3 What is your favourite posture? Wind Removing Pose – My favourite posture is the one after the first time you get to lie on your back in savasana when you hug your knees into your chest! It feels really good.
4 What is your biggest challenge on the mat? Sitting back on my ankles Japanese style, due to the knee, but I’m nearly there!  Some postures have to be modified to cope with limitations of the new hip. Not keen on the camel posture as I always seem to get dizzy.
3 What do you love best about Bikram? Going into a hot room on a chilly morning when my hands feel like blocks of ice.  I feel good for the rest of the day and have noticed my joints and spine are more flexible.
4 Advice to first timers?


I’ve found it a good idea not to set up right under one of the fluorescent lights as it makes you feel even hotter!









Student Profile Q&A

# Question Response
1. What made you decide to try Bikram yoga? One day I decided to take control of my life and with some apprehension I signed up to Bikram Yoga Ascot Vale.  Initially it was to help with my work & personal life stresses, but also due to health concerns.  At the time I was taking a strong prescription anti-inflammatory (Voltaren) every day for sever neck pain.
2 What benefits have you noticed since starting Bikram Yoga? The next day after my first class I felt “alive”. I remember waking up & have never slept so deep or so well. I said to myself I had to go back for more….  I went back & completed 41 days straight!   I noticed I was more calm. I could feel my body starting to react with self-healing.  Then one day I realised my diet & food cravings had changed – I hadn’t touched coffee or sugary drinks in 30 days!  I had also completely stopped my medication by Day 10.
3 What is your favourite posture? Ustrasana. Camel Pose. For me personally, This posture is a huge heart opener. I was a victim of bullying in high school. This posture taught me to acknowledge the past, embrace the present day and to be prepared for any challenges that come my way.
4 What is your biggest challenge on the mat? Everyday is different. That’s my biggest challenge.  Even though Bikram Yoga is exactly the same 26 postures and 2 breathing exercise every time, one day you may have a great session, the next day you may not. I try to tell myself not to expect a great session all the time. I allow myself just to come in to practice with no expectations. It has taught me that a challenge is good, and nothing is perfect.
3 What do you love best about Bikram?


What is there NOT to love about Bikram Yoga? I love the “Bikram Glow”
4 Advice to first timers?


B r e a t h e ! Everything else is optional. (You are allowed to smile too!) Don’t be too hard on yourself.   Bikram Yoga is the biggest & best gift you can give yourself.




Linh las lost overdress sizes through practicing all classes regularly. She is so dedicated that she has also introduced her 3 children to the studio, and now all 4 regularly practice together!


Mat J 365


Student Profile  – Bikram Q&A 

What made you decide to try Bikram yoga? After going thru a tough point in my life my Body Balance teacher suggested trying Bikram Yoga.  She said it would be a great new challenge as it would help me in find my inner self, meet day-to-day challenges and help me focus on my goals



What benefits have you noticed since starting Bikram Yoga? Improved thought processes; being able to
look for a solution. Having more control of my emotions. Improved strength and energy. My diet has naturally improved and of course a great nights sleep! Zzz

What is your favourite posture? The Floor Series – It’s a great feeling stretching & strengthening the spine. Camel would be my favourite as it creates such an open feeling and a release of emotions!

What is your biggest challenge on the mat? Definitely focus.  It sometimes can be hard to keep the mind in the room and in the moment.  The studio feels like such a safe house though…  This helps me relax and be more present and in the moment each day

What do you love best about Bikram? Would have to say being amongst some very positive and influential people that inspire me. I love the feeling on my walk home after class each day – its hard to describe – Peace, achievement, happiness, relaxed but also a nice ‘buzz’….  bliss

Advice to first timers?  Eat healthy. Hydrate well.  Focus on your breathing and listen to the teachers guide you through class.  If I stress out and struggle it only makes it harder; but if I relax, listen, be present & breathe…  it’s so much better.



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