Some things to know if it is your first class with us:

  • Every class is for beginners.  Decide what class is best for you (click to view yoga classes)
  • Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your booked class.  This time will allow you to familiarise yourself with the studio, complete the pre-registration and liability form, meet our teachers and settle in prior to class.  (See Studio Opening & Closing times below)
  • Pre-registration is essential for all 6am classes (refer to “6am booking policy” for details).  Pre-registration is not essential for all other classes but is highly recommended.  Check the live schedule and book online
  • You will need a yoga mat, a large bath towel and water for all classes. All these items are also available at the studio to hire / purchase.  Bring a second towel if you would like to shower after class
  • Drink water prior to class, being well hydrated makes class more enjoyable
  • The yoga room is heated, dress in lightweight comfortable clothing
  • Our teachers are available before and after class to answer any questions
  • It is best to practice Bikram on an empty stomach, so try to avoid large meals 2 hours prior to this class.

See below for studio Opening & Closing Times.  Also refer to the online Class Schedule.

All new students start on our Intro Offer which can be purchased at the studio or online

Read more FAQs below, however if you have any further questions please contact us.

Studio doors open 30 mins prior to all classes, with the exception of classes starting 6-8.15am classes when doors open 15 mins prior.

Doors close promptly at the start of class, ensuring classes keep to scheduled times.

For safety and security reasons late entry is not permitted.

After your class, the studio remains open for you to relax, change, shower etc for 20/30 mins as follows:

  • 20 mins  – weekends and the last class of the afternoon / evening
  • 30 mins – after all other classes

The studio is closed at all other times and while classes are running.

We can also be contacted M-F 9-5pm via phone 9372 8786 or email info@bikramyogaav.com.au


Bookings and pre-payment are essential for 6am classes (Refer to “6am Booking Policy”).  For all other classes, bookings are not mandatory but are highly recommend.  Book online via Mindbody or our website.

Pre-bookings are highly recommended to avoid disappointment as pre-bookings will get priority (Class numbers are capped at a maximum of 30-35 for Hot Pilates+ and Power+).  Reservations will be held up until five minutes before the class start time at which time the place may be allocated to a waiting /  standby student.

If unable to book online, please arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled class time.

The doors are locked at the beginning of class for safety and security reasons and late admittance is not permitted.


6am class will only run with a minimum of 4 students*

Please follow these steps:

  • Book & pay for your chosen 6am class online
  • The evening before, check online that 4 or more students are signed in.
  • Class will be cancelled if there are 3 or less students pre-registered by 9.30pm
  • It is up to the teacher and student to check online as outlined above – students will not be personally notified
  • LATE CANCEL OR NO SHOW FEE – There will be a fee of  $10 for missed class/es (or cancellations after 9.30pm).


Thank you for your support and cooperation.

For all classes there is a 3 hour cancellation window, with the exception of 6am classes where the cut-off occurs at 9.30pm the evening prior (see “6am Booking Policy”).

Sign in to your account online to “early cancel” your booking and avoid being charged the penalty fee.

Requests received verbally or via any other method will not be accepted.

Penalty fee’s are as follows:

$10 for 6am classes

All other classes – no penalty fee at this time.  Please note, there is no fee at this time on the basis of mutual trust and respect.  i.e. That all students will endeavour to cooperate within our set guidelines.    Should we feel that this approach is not working we may review this in the future, implementing a firmer approach and fee.


Please – No phones, glass bottles or shoes in the studio. Secure your belongings in the lockers provided.

Please turn off your mobile before entering our reception area.

Yes we have large male and female change rooms.

Lockers are provided free of charge to secure your valuables.

A hairdryer and large mirrors are available in the ladies bathroom.


What Temperature are Classes?

  • The Original Bikram Hot Yoga: 90 min  I  38.5C
  • Bikram Express Hot Yoga: 60 min  I  38.5C
  • Yin Yoga: 60 min  I   room temp
  • Power+ Vinyasa Yoga: 60 min  I   34 C
  • Hot Pilates+ : 55 min  I 34C

Find out more about each Class Style


Why the Heat?

  • In a Bikram Hot Yoga Class, the studio is warmed to approximately 38.5C with 40% humidity (Power+ Vinyasa Yoga 32-34C). The heat warms up your body allowing you to stretch into the postures (asanas) in a safer environment. The combined heat and humidity also promote sweating which in turn flushes toxins from the body.
  • Detoxing the body happens instantly, pores are opened to let toxins out and you will notice from the first breathing exercise the detox process has begun.
  • The heat contributes to increased heart rate for a better cardiovascular workout and thinning of the blood to help clear the circulatory system.
  • Strength is improved by putting muscle tissue in an optimal state for reorganization. Muscle tissues are more relaxed when warmed up which promotes a safer and deeper stretch.
  • The heat helps reorganise the lipids (fat) in the muscular structure.
  • Efficient healing from injury and disease

All the more reason to come! You will be amazed how quickly your flexibility can improve.  The heated room provides a safe environment for this.  Yin Yoga, performed in a non-heated environment, is also excellent for very tight muscles, requiring deep stretches getting in deep to tight connective tissues.

Bikram Yoga, the original Hot Yoga, is a series of 26 Hatha Yoga postures (asanas) and 2 breathing exercises (pranayamas) developed by Bikram Choudhury. Each posture in the Bikram series is completed twice, with the first set designed to warm you up, and the second set, to allow you to work deeper within your body. Between each set and each pose, 20 seconds of rest (savansana) is taken, which allows complete relaxation and your body to rejuvenate. When combined during a 90 minute class, these postures and breathing exercises are designed to work every muscle, tendon, ligament, joint and internal organ in the entire body, providing you with an exceptional sense of well being.

Bikram Yoga is conducted in a room heated to 38.5c with a humidity of 40% to help you achieve maximum results from your exercise.

Bikram Yoga classes are designed for all fitness levels and ages.

Bikram Hot Yoga:  We strongly recommend that you stay in the room for the full Bikram Yoga Class (60 & 90 minutes).  This is really important as the sequence is performed in a specific way to work every part of your body. Commit to staying in the room for the full class including the final Savasana (relaxation). This is where all the benefits of your hard work take place.

The heat can be a big challenge for a lot of people at the start of their practice so don’t try and squeeze all your ambition into one class. Pace yourself and you will do just fine. Of course if you have to leave, then that’s fine but try not to disturb your fellow yogis and please let your teacher know.

Get your body acclimatised to the heat; don’t run away from it! This can be one of the hardest things to master but once you get it, you will transform your practice.

Our postures are indeed exactly the same each time for a specific reason. While there are many asanas that one may practice in different styles of yoga, the Bikram Beginner’s class consists of two breathing exercises and 26 postures as a specific sequence that systematically works through many structures of the body, stretching, stimulating and healing while at the same time using the heat to both facilitate this process and very importantly to discipline the mind.

Rather than introduce different postures with each class, we avoid the mental distraction this creates, otherwise the student would constantly be stopping their body, breath and mind “flow” to try and figure out the unfamiliar posture.

The sense of repetition that you will note is important as it allows you to lessen your thought processes during class, flow with the instructions, focus on breath, stay more “present” and experience a sort of “waking meditation”.

By practising the same sequence in every class, all students, both experienced and brand new continually refine what they are capable of, working on their body as well as their focus, concentration and determination.

For those students who have practised this class over many years, it never becomes boring as each class is somehow “different” depending upon the degree of preparation we have made, the state of mind we are in, the amount of rest we have had, the number of people in the room, the time of day, the ambient weather outside, etc. etc. Every day while the yoga is the same, our bodies are different and the class is different.

We, as teachers, all use a similar “dialogue” or set of verbal instructions to guide the students safely in and out of the postures. In a Bikram class we do not generally demonstrate postures. Our belief is that by you using the mirror and learning to really listen to the words, your body will move and progress at a pace that reflects your unique circumstances and abilities. You may note that we do not use props and rarely make hands on corrections.

This is also in respect of each person’s body’s uniqueness. Depth is never the goal…but correct form is…and you will achieve that as you begin to “feel” the posture, sometimes after weeks, months or even years of repetition. Depth too may follow but we would never expect two people to perform any posture to the same degree of depth.

The greatest benefits of yoga manifest when we include yoga in daily life; come once a week for maintenance, twice a week for improvement and three or more times a week for true transformation!

Benefits of regular yoga practice are:

  • Weight normalisation from three or more classes – It burns calories, creates mindfulness (becoming more mindful of what goes into your mouth), suppresses appetite
  • Anti-aging – Yoga is a life long practice that will keep you feeling young and full of vitality. Regular yoga practice will give you a strong and supple body and also keep your brain nimble
  • Increased strength and flexibility – Yoga poses balance these qualities, creating supported mobility and a beautiful physique.
  • Increased sense of calm and wellbeing – The effect on the endocrine and nervous systems is profound, allowing for improved sleep, less reactivity to the stressors of daily life and better relationships. Yoga also enhances creativity, which can assist problem solving.
  • Improved immunity – Yoga is especially powerful at improving our bodies’ immunity through the massage of the lymph system, normalisation of the hormonal system, reduction of stress, improvement in sleep, profound relaxation and sense of calm.
  • Better sex – This is one of the most commonly reported benefits of yoga practice!
  • Cross-Training – Hot Yoga is a fantastic complement to your favourite sport or training, as stretching in the hot studio helps to break down lactic acid, improve range of motion and proprioception, and improve concentration.

This is not unusual. Feelings of dizziness and nausea are part of the process of acclimatising to the hot room and may also be a result of releasing toxins.  For some people, they will feel this straight away, for some it might come up in the second, third or fourth class. If this occurs, whether you are a beginner or more experienced, take a break, sit down. If the feelings don’t pass, then lie down flat on your back. Once you feel better and you are ready to rejoin the class, get up slowly and try again.

Rest as much as you need and try stay in the room for the full class. You don’t have to complete every posture to gain the benefits.

Ensure you drink lots of water both before and after class.


Yoga is suitable for every BODY. Please keep in mind Bikram Hot Yoga is vigorous exercise in a room heated to 39˚C at about 40% humidity, Power+ is 30C.

We require a letter from your doctor to participate if you are:

  • Pregnant
  • Under 16 years old
  • Have a history of heart condition or stroke
  • Have a serious cardio-vascular condition including hypertension, hypotension, heart failure
  • Currently using diuretics, barbiturates or beta-blockers

Please contact the studio if unsure or you have any questions.

“Never too old, never too late, to start from scratch and begin again”, Bikram Choudhury.

Hot Bikram Yoga is designed for all levels of fitness, but if you have special medical conditions or injuries, please consult your doctor first and inform your teacher before class. If unsure, contact the studio before your first class.

If you feel hot yoga is not for you, we encourage you to keep trying. You may also enjoy our other classes, for example relaxing Yin Yoga (no heat) for deep stretching and balancing the body, or a cooler Power+ (30C) or shorter 60 minute hot Bikram Yoga Express (38C).


How much water should I drink before a Bikram class?  

Proper hydration is extremely important for your Bikram practice. If you are practicing in the afternoon/evening, it is recommended that you drink at least 1 to 1 and a half litres before class. In the morning, of course, you will not have much time before class, so we recommend 2 -3 glasses of warm water, which is easy to drink quickly. This preparation will allow you to practice without feeling the need to gulp too much water during the class, which can result in a bloated feeling when you are in the floor series on your stomach.

What are electrolytes and why are they important?

Electrolytes are salts and minerals that may be lost from the body during periods of profuse sweating. Signs of electrolyte deficiency include dizziness/headaches, cramping and fatigue.

Electrolytes are contained in most sport drinks but be aware that most popular brands are very high in sugar and low in actual electrolytes. We supply various brands of Coconut Water which his a natural refreshing electrolyte drink of coconut water. We also sell various brands of electrolytes which help with quick recovery from cramping or fatigue. If you are doing Bikram on a regular basis you will need to take in electrolytes either before or after your class.

How do I know if I am hydrated enough?

Your urine should be pale yellow. If it is dark yellow, you are dehydrated. Also if you feel that your mouth is dry, you are dehydrated.

You’re newly pregnant

In Bikram yoga we recommend that if you are newly pregnant it is better to avoid any NEW form of exercise. If however, you have already been regularly practicing Bikram Yoga for at least a year and have an established practice, we recommend you take a break from Bikram hot yoga during the 1st trimester.   After this time consent of both GP and Studio Director are required.  If interested in taking any of our other classes please contact our studio director to discuss your situation

Please email info@bikramyogaav.com.au for more information on the Bikram Pregnancy Series.

You’ve had a serious injury, or major operation

Bikram Yoga is great for healing, but if the injury is recent, or you’ve just come out of major surgery, you may want to wait until your condition has stabilized before coming into class. If in doubt ask your doctor.

You’re suffering from the early stages of a cold or flu

In the very early stages of a cold or flu you may find that hot conditions of the room and the profuse sweating may help to ease your symptoms.  However, you may also wish to rest at home and come back when you are feeling better. In either case, hydrate well and eat moderately during recovery from illness. When you return, Bikram Yoga can be a great way to clean out the last traces of the illness.

You’re fasting or undertaking a strong detoxing regime

If you’re fasting for religious reasons (e.g. for Ramadan), or detoxing with a low calorie intake you may want to avoid Bikram Yoga during this time. Your body is already under stress and you may not have the ‘fuel’ for a Bikram Yoga class.

You’ve given blood today

If you’ve given blood today considering resting up and coming to Bikram Yoga the next day. Often giving blood can make people feel a bit weak or lightheaded, and it is best to rest.

You’ve had a colonic, acupuncture or other strong healing session today

On the day you have a colonic, strong massage or other body work, you may want to skip your Bikram class and come back the next day. The body sometimes needs time to assimilate a healing session without extra exertion.

You’re dealing with an eating disorder

Bikram Yoga is a vigorous yoga practice. If you’re not eating enough you may have difficulty. Please consult your doctor or healthcare professional before coming to class.

You’re hung over

Drink a bit too much alcohol the night before? It is best to avoid Bikram Yoga if you are hung over because you may be severely dehydrated. Bikram is great for detoxing, but if you are too hung over, or even still under the effects of alcohol from the night before, your yoga experience may be quite stressful. Better to wait until the next day – yoga and alcohol don’t mix!

You’re under the influence of recreational drugs

Yoga is an ancient holistic healing practice and should never be mixed with any form of recreational drug use.  That being said, Bikram yoga can be of great assistance for those who are in the recovery phase of drug or alcohol addiction.

Participants must be over the age of 16 to practice hot yoga. Should you wish to discuss this further please contact us.

It takes more than a hot room and a list of postures to make your Bikram Yoga practice a safe, rewarding experience. Bikram Yoga is a specialized form of yoga, requiring appropriate training and knowledge to teach it effectively.

Our studio only employs teachers who have been certified as an instructor in the Bikram method of yoga after completing an intensive eleven-week training program requiring over 600 hours of study.  Our teachers also attend ongoing training and recertification programs to continually improved their skills and knowledge as a Hot Bikram Yoga teacher.